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Upcoming ‘Cartesian’ Is Aiming for the OCD Among You

Do you like your paintings perfectly straight, your books in alphabetical order, and all the light switches facing the same direction? Then you might like the upcoming game Cartesian, a fast-paced puzzle game that’s all about symmetry. In the game you have to tap squares to ensure your screen is symmetrical, and you can even battle another player on the same device in a battle to prove who is the most OCD person among you.


The developers are asking for testers in our forums, and they will give a free code for the premium version to all testers as a thank you, which is a pretty cool move. Cartesian will have free levels and then additional ones for a premium price. The game looks nice in its minimalist aesthetic (which came about from the lack of an artist but works well with the overall theme). Check out the forum page for more info on the game and to join the beta.