‘Papers, Please’ Fixed for iOS 10 and Discounted

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If you’re a fan of Papers, Please ($7.99) that was disappointed that the game wasn’t working on iOS 10, then I have good news for you! Developer Lucas Pope has gone and fixed the game for iOS 10. Glory to Arstoztka, and glory to indie developers supporting their products, unlike major publishers who often let their pricey mobile ports languish. But I only assume for many that doesn’t come as a shock.

If you haven’t checked out Papers, Please on iPad yet, then good news: along with the iOS 10 compatibility update, the game is on sale for $5.99. The game was normally $7.99, and it’s on Steam for $9.99, so you get to save a few bucks off of this interesting political satire. It seems to only get more timely and relevant, so I recommend checking it out now if you have failed to do so.

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