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‘Miaou Moon’ Features A Cat That Might be Farting Through Space

Laotian game studio Agent Mega, maker of Paper Dungeons ($2.99), are set to release their next game Miaou Moon on iOS and Android on October 1st. You play as a cat floating in space, eating goldfish to get energy that helps propel itself along. You have to contend with gravity, and myriad other hazards, using your varying physical form to help explore the moon you’re on, fighting enemies along the way. There’s five different moons to explore, with permanent unlocks you can get, though you’re mostly just trying to survive as long as possible to rack up a high score.

The number one question that you might have is “wait, is that cat propelling itself through space by farting?" To which I say, sure seems like it! From the game’s Steam page:

Miaou Moon features bright cartoonish graphics with fun animations and silly humor where propulsion looks as if your your cat farts around. You’ll often find yourself smiling and swearing at the same time with unexpected outcomes or overjoyed once you start mastering your trajectories.

So it might technically be a jetpack that just looks like farts. Glad we cleared that up. You’ll be able to check out Miaou Moon on October 1st on iOS and Android for $1.99.