‘One More Bounce’ from SMG Studio Now Available

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SMG’s popular One More series continues with the fourth game they’ve put out, One More Bounce (Free), which has just released worldwide on the App Store. This one has been in the works for a while, with a demo seen at GDC 2015. Now, a while later and after the published title One More Jump (Free), SMG has finally unleashed this onto the world.

The objective is to draw lines to bounce your ball through the air, drawing lines to do so, trying not to hit the ceiling, floor, or any obstacles along the way. Similar to One More Jump, One More Bounce has various endless modes including a daily challenge mode that you can play to go along with the fixed levels you can play through. As with the other One More games, you can collect diamonds in the game to unlock cosmetic features, and can pay to remove ads. Check this one out, available now.

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