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‘Lunar Battle’ Is a City-Builder/Space Shooter by Atari and Is Currently in Soft-Launch

I think it’s fair to say that most gamers aren’t interested in city builders anymore unless they are doing something new or cool. Atari’s upcoming Lunar Battle is trying to do just that by mixing your typical base building with PvE and PvP dogfights reminiscent of old Atari arcade games like Asteroids and Star Raiders. In the city building part of the game, you create your colony by ensuring you produce enough power, food, water, beer, and so on. You can also customize building layouts, which is a clever little touch and should help add a bit more personality to your space city.

As you’re building the city, you’ll be harvesting the planet’s resources and using that material to build and upgrade space fighters. You can add lasers, plasma cannons, shields, etc to make them as deadly as possible. Then, you’ll take to the stars in PvE and PvP dogfights, which sounds like a great addition to a city builder. Lunar Battle is currently in soft launch in Canada, Netherlands, and Israel (use our guide if you want to play the soft-launched version), and it sounds like the global release isn’t far off.