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‘RPG Creator for iOS’ Will Soon Let You Build RPGs

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Do you feel you could build a pretty good RPG game if only you had the time and tools? I don’t, but if you do, there’s an app coming that will help you get on your way to game-making stardom (or adequacy). RPG Creator for iOS is a full-featured rpg maker that will let you build maps, create various npcs and enemies, and either play your game yourself or easily share your creation with others. The app doesn’t require any programming knowledge at all, and you can either use the app’s assets or import your own.

This is a mobile version of the RPG Maker MV, and it will be both cheaper but also include fewer features. I wish I had the time to play round with RPG Maker for iOS because I’ve always liked the idea of using creative apps like this one. The app launches September 25th, and it will be free to download with a $9.99 IAP that unlocks the whole thing.

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