‘Hearthstone’ Patch Adds New Priest Hero, Welcome Bundle, and More

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Priests are getting some love in the latest Hearthstone (Free) update with the introduction of a new Priest Hero, Tyrande Whisperwind. In WOW lore, Whisperwind is the chosen high priestess of Elune and the most prominent night elf leader. You’ll be able to get Tyrande Whisperwind and the Tyrande card back via an upcoming special promotion, which hopefully won’t require me to make any new friends. The update has also added the Welcome Bundle, a one-time $4.99 bundle of 10 Classic card packs and a guaranteed Classic Class Legendary. The bundle is great value if you’re trying to build up your collection or simply want some cheap dust, so pick this one up for sure.



We have also officially lost some cards from the Arena, as we’ve talked about in the past, so we’ll see how different Arena feels now. A few deck recipes have been updated and some issues fixed, as always. Oh, and we got the most tasty card back added for October’s ranked season, the Pie card back!

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