New ‘MCPE’ Fantasy Texture Pack and Minecon 2016 News

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If you like to build castles when you play Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99), then you should probably pick up the new Fantasy Texture Pack, which we got in update 0.15.8. While the update didn’t bring anything other than the texture pack and a couple of bug fixes, anything that changes the game’s looks dramatically is a big enough change in my eyes. The texture pack costs $2.99 like all the other ones, and it will give your builds a lovely, medieval feel to compliment that huge castle you will one day finish, for sure. In the announcement for the update, Mojang teases the 0.16 update changes with talk of “words and signs unthinkable to mortal kind" coming to the game.




In addition to the texture pack, we got more info on the upcoming Minecon 2016. The event, which takes place on the 24th and 25th of September, will include a talk from the Pocket Edition developers on Saturday at 1:30pm, and you’ll be able to watch it streamed on the Minecon site. There will also be talk on Plugins and Add-Ons coming to MCPE soon. You can check the announcement here and the full schedule here.

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