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‘Miracle Merchant’ is a Potion-Creating Card Solitaire Game from the Developer of ‘Card Crawl’ and ‘Enyo’

Arnold Rauners, aka Tinytouchtales, just dropped Enyo (Free) on us, but he’s working on another game with art by Thomas Wellmann called Miracle Merchant. If it looks off the bat like Card Crawl ($4.99), well, that’s on purpose. Miracle Merchant started off as an early prototype for Card Thief, the follow-up to Card Crawl. Rauners wanted to expand the prototype into a finished game, albeit a small-scope one. So he partnered with Wellmann to finish the game and give it a unique art style.

miracle-merchant-2 miracle-merchant-1

The goal of Miracle Merchant is that you have to brew potions for adventurers by mixing different ingredients – all with cards! You increase the value of cards by combining cards of the various ingredient types. You need to complete potions for 13 customers, all demanding a specific ingredient, in order to win, which if you do then you’re scored by the points of each potion you’ve created. Interestingly, the cards are randomly created for each game, so there’s a unique set for each game. This should be well worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks and months as the game nears completion…