Retro-Style Point-and-Click Adventure ‘Paul Pixel – The Awakening’ Now Available

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Last week, we brought you the trailer for a charming upcoming point-and-click adventure game called Paul Pixel – The Awakening ($1.99), and as promised, the game is now available for purchase on the App Store. Paul Pixel the game follows the adventures of Paul Pixel the character as he wakes up to find that his neighborhood has been quarantined thanks to an alien zombie invasion. Yes, not just aliens, not just zombies, but alien zombies. Yikes! Your job is to escape the quarantine zone and save the entire world in the process. No pressure.

I really love classic adventure games and the developer of Paul Pixel has cited such classics as Maniac Mansion, Zac McKraken, Beneath A Steel Sky, and Monkey Island as inspirations. The adventure game genre has seen a resurgence in recent years with a lot of excellent new takes being released across many platforms, and I’m hoping Paul Pixel will be another one to add to that list. Impressions should begin trickling into the game’s forum thread, so if you’re looking for a new old-school adventure check out Paul Pixel – The Awakening for $2.99 with no IAP, and stop by to let our forum community know what you think about it.

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