‘Alto’s Adventure’ Just Got 3D Touch Support and Stickers

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Alto’s Adventure ($4.99) continues to be a fantastic game, and the latest update will make playing the game even better for those who have the latest iPhones. While 3D Touch isn’t exactly a new feature, with iPhone 7 launching in a few days, even more people will have access to it. So, Alto’s Adventure will now take advantage of 3D Touch in some clever ways. The first ones comes before you even start the game. If you hard press the icon, you get to choose between Standard and Zen mode, a clever way to use 3D Touch to save time. The other way you can use 3D Touch is when deploying your character’s wingsuit. Hardpressing the screen once you have earned the wingsuit meter will have you flying around the screen.

Alto's Adventure

Importantly, 3D Touch turns the game into a one-touch experience, which makes it easier to play on the go.The other fun feature coming in this update is Messages stickers, which I can already tell will be a big thing. The Alto’s Adventure stickers come included with the game, so if you have the game and iOS 10, you’ll find them in the sticker section. There are even some interactive stickers. The update is live, so go check the 3D Touch additions if you have the appropriate device.

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