‘Stretch Dungeon’ Lets a Bearded Geezer Escape From Prison by Bending the Walls, Out Now

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We first looked at Stretch Dungeon (Free), the newest Nitrome title, earlier this week, and despite some confusion over the intricacies of telekinesis, the unique mechanic of manipulating the walls to propel the ‘dangerous geezer’ around obstacles looked like a lot of fun to play. Being developers of their word, Nitrome have today released Stretch Dungeon on the App Store for free (with a singular in-app purchase to eliminate pesky ads), and it is as bafflingly entertaining to play as it is to watch. You must navigate your character through numerous stages, hurtling over spikes and other deathtraps while picking up floating green coins, to eventually plummet out of the confines of your cell to freedom, or whatever awaits for you at the end of the jail.

For me, the most intriguing part of Stretch Dungeon (apart from the ‘realistic beard physics’) is the mystery that surrounds the core theme of the game. Why was this strange bald dude arrested, and if the walls are moving because of the protagonist’s insanity, is he really breaking out of jail, or is this all a metaphor for escaping from the traps of his faulty perception of reality? After all, why would a prison – which is focused on the rehabilitation of its inmates – have numerous death traps lying around, and no secure way of confining those inside of it? Perhaps this bearded geezer is a more dangerous character than his initial innocuous appearance suggests; I guess you’ll have to finish the game to find out. Stretch Dungeon is out now on the App Store, and be sure to let us know tales of your wall-morphing exploits on our forums.

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