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‘Paul Pixel – The Awakening’ is a Charming Old-School Adventure Game Launching Next Tuesday

Sometimes average people are called upon to do extraordinary things. Things like saving the world from zombies, who are also aliens, who are invading Earth and bringing forth a zombie-alien apocalypse. That’s what average fellow Paul Pixel must do in his forthcoming adventure game Paul Pixel – The Awakening. Paul wakes up one day to find that the part of the city where he lives has been quarantined, due to that pesky zombie-alien invasion thing, and he wants to get out! Of course, to do that he’ll have to save the world and stuff along the way. Check out the trailer for Paul Pixel.

The developer notes such classic adventure games as Maniac Mansion, Zac McKraken, Beneath A Steel Sky, and Monkey Island as inspirations for Paul Pixel, which sets off all sorts of sirens in my brain. The good kind of sirens though, the ones that make me excited. The game has been designed specifically for the touchscreen and the music “uses original Commodore C64 SID chip sounds, but polyphonic and with professional effects" to give it a more modern, but still retro, feel. Paul Pixel – The Awakening is set to release next Tuesday, September 13th, and in the meantime you can talk about this one in our forums.