‘Hearthstone’ Removing Many Arena Cards in the Next Patch

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We’ve been expecting Blizzard to do something about the state of Hearthstone‘s (Free) Arena, and today we finally got firm news on what is going to happen. The developers want players to be able to choose any class they want when playing Arena without feeling that they are at a disadvantage to other players. Additionally, they want to provide a range of experiences within every mode of the game instead of everyone playing the same Arena classes in the same way. Therefore, the developers will be removing quite a lot of cards from the Arena. They don’t want to remove strong spells and weapons because they add a lot of unpredictability and excitement. Also, they wanted to avoid removing iconic cards. You can read the reasoning behind the decision here.

Below is the list of all the cards to be removed in the upcoming patch:


* Forgotten Torch
* Snowchugger
* Faceless Summoner

* Goblin Auto Barber
* Undercity Valiant
– No changes


* Vitality Totem
* Dust Devil
* Totemic Might
* Ancestral Healing
* Dunemaul Shaman
* Windspeaker

* Anima Golem
* Sacrificial Pact
* Curse of Rafaam
* Sense Demons
* Void Crusher
* Reliquary Seeker
* Succubus

* Savagery
* Poison Seeds
* Soul of the Forest
* Mark of Nature
* Tree of Life
* Astral Communion

* Warsong Commander
* Bolster
* Charge
* Bouncing Blade
* Axe Flinger
* Rampage
* Ogre Warmaul

* Starving Buzzard
* Call Pet
* Timber Wolf
* Cobra Shot
* Lock and Load
* Dart Trap
* Snipe

* Mind Blast
* Shadowbomber
* Lightwell
* Power Word: Glory
* Confuse
* Convert
* Inner Fire


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