‘Pokemon GO’ Coming to Apple Watch

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Nintendo and Niantic are bringing Pokemon GO (Free) to the Apple Watch. The Watch companion will allow you to see how far to hatch an egg with a Watch complication, and alerts to when your eggs will hatch. You can also see your level and XP as a complication. Nearby Pokemon will appear as you’re walking when you start a workout, allowing you to catch Pokemon by pulling out your phone. Nearby Pokestops will pop up on your Watch as you walk by them, swiping to collect items when the Pokestops pop up on your phone. The Watch app will be available before the end of the year.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch

As well, the Pokemon GO Plus companion hardware will be available later in September, John Hanke confirmed, so the Apple Watch isn’t Sherlocking their own hardware here. And if you thought the Pokemon GO Plus meant no Apple Watch support for Pokemon GO, well, you really don’t know anything about mobile at all.

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