‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Has Landed on iPhones in Latest Update

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After quite some time of only being to play Pathfinder Adventures (Free) on tablets, we can finally play our cards and throw our dice on our iPhones, and I’m quite glad about that. Specifically, update 1.1.3 has brought one of the most-requested features to the game, but it required some significant UI gymnastics to fit all the information on a small screen. For instance, there are two new methods of zooming: tapping on a card to do the initial zoom and then tapping and holding to zoom even more on the card text, or tapping a card to do the initial zoom then rotating your device to zoom even further. So, as you can tell, Obsidian has put quite a lot of work into making sure the game is ported well rather than just shrank and squeezed into the smaller screen.

Pathfinder Adventures

The update has also brought some quest mode XP changes that should help the leveling be smoother and feel less grindy. Tier B has been slowed down and the experience gain in later tiers has been scaled up. There are also some additional achievements added, dice changes, and better push notifications. Finally, there are some community-requested improvements including fixing some progression-breaking bugs. You can change all the updates here. The update is live, so go check it out on your phone.

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