Humble GameMaker Bundle is a Great Way to Start Making Your Own Games

Have you always had an inkling to get into game development but didn’t know where to start? Well, Humble Bundle is running a crazy-good bundle right now on Game Maker software. For $15, you get GameMaker Studio Pro, the iOS and Android modules, along with HTML5 and Universal Windows Platform modules. GameMaker requires no coding experience to start using and making games with, and there’s plenty of tutorials available on the web to get up and started with making games if you’re willing to put in the time.

Don’t mistake the ease-of-starting GameMaker with a lack of power: a lot of developers use GameMaker as their tools of the trade. Crashlands ($6.99) is made in GameMaker, if you need any proof of just how powerful a tool this can be. In fact, you’ll get the source code for the fantastic Flop Rocket (Free) in this bundle to examine and learn from for yourself. Seriously, if you’re looking to start making games for yourself, this is where to start. Even if you think you might be interested someday, $15 for all this (including copies of several GameMaker games for Steam and Android) is a bargain.