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Codemasters’ ‘F1 2016’ Is Coming to iOS

Apple has just announced that Codemasters’ F1 2016 is coming to iOS and will be taking advantage of the new A10 chip in the new iPhone 7. F1 2016 is the latest iteration of the F1 series for PC and current gen consoles, and I’m very interested in seeing how the game actually plays on iOS. I hope the game isn’t going to be a significantly-slimmed down version of the PC game because it’s about time we got a good Formula 1 game on the iPhone.

If you don’t know much about F1 2016, this is Codemasters best F1 game ever (and they’ve been making them for years), and it’s been getting really good reviews. Codemasters has another F1 game on iOS called F1 Race Stars (Free), and that one wasn’t bad. Hopefully F1 2016 will be as close to the PC version as possible. It remains to be seen, though.