The Lovely ‘Fallen London’ Is Now Available on Android

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The world of Fallen London (Free) is one of my favorite worlds to visit since it’s a place dipped in gothic absurdity and dripping with quirky humor. When the game came on iOS, it found the perfect match in terms of platform, but the app itself was really buggy and plagued by server issues. Fortunately, most of those issues have been ironed out, and now the game has officially landed on Android. Apparently, when the developers asked Android users whether they wanted the game on their platform, they got an overwhelming yes as an answer. You can play the same save game across both iOS and Android – and PC if you have that too – but just remember to manually sync your game in app before switching so you don’t lose any progress.

If you haven’t played the game before, think of it as a literary RPG since you get to shape your character through the decisions you make as you enjoy its quirky world. You can go about buying places to live in, getting jobs, buying and selling stuff, all the while dealing with some very, very crazy storylines. The game is F2P, and if you don’t want to pay money, you really won’t be missing out on much other than some extra content you can only access through a subscription. Overall, this is a fantastic and very well realized world that you should definitely check out if you are on Android.

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