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‘Isoland’ is a Point-and-Click Puzzler Taking Inspiration from ‘Myst’

Redfish Game Studio is releasing Isoland, a :Myst-inspired point-and-click puzzle game, on September 8th. Taking inspiration not only from Myst but stylistically from the movie Dark City and its “Shell Beach," players are tasked with solving logic puzzles on an isolated island. Along with the strange puzzles, there are some odd characters that seem stuck on the island with you, with the puzzles possibly revealing why you and them are stuck there.

The game utilizes a muted color scheme with a hand-drawn style to try and give the game a unique feel. And some of these puzzles look rather devious, so good luck with solving them. While Myst is an inspiration, the pricing is rather modern – it’ll be $0.99 to get in, with incentivized ads to get hints and $0.99 per solution. But hey, I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would’ve paid to bypass some of Myst‘s more evil puzzles. You’ll be able to check this out on September 8th.