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‘Fugl’ Aiming for Early 2017 Release, Continues to Look Lovely

Fugl is an upcoming game by the creator of Melodive (Free) that our forum players really like, as proven by the fact that the current forum thread is up to 154 pages. Also, said forum members have been very active in helping beta test the game during the last few months. We really liked it when we saw it at GDC 2016 and have been patiently waiting for it to be released. The original release window was supposed to be this summer, but, unfortunately for us, developer Johan Gjestland has been focusing on the VR and PC version of the game recently, which resulted in the iOS release being pushed back.

So now, the game will probably release January or February of 2017 because, as the developer pointed out in our forums, October-New Year is a bad release window for indies with unknown IPs. I don’t mind waiting for Fugl because we’ll be getting a much better game at the end. Gjestland has been constantly improving the game, and I’m excited to get my hands on it once it comes out. If you want to see how the game’s coming along and chime in with ideas on how to make the game better, check our forum thread.