‘Horizon Chase’ Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary With a New Cup, Cars, and Apple TV Support in Upcoming Updates

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Horizon Chase (Free) is a pretty astonishing mobile game in numerous different ways. Not only did it receive a glowing review back in 2015, where we declared it as the gold standard for retro-inspired racers on the App Store, but it was also used as a way for composer Barry Leith to propose to his girlfriend in the game, which won the hearts of many adoring fans – and most importantly the lucky lady, who did indeed say yes. Now with over 5 million downloads and around 70 million races completed since its release, developers Aquiris are celebrating the one year anniversary of Horizon Chase‘s launch with a set of updates that include a new cup, two new cars and Apple TV support.

In the first update which will hit the App Store on September 15th, the main addition is the New Australia Cup, which features races amongst famous landmarks of the country, such as the Sydney Opera House, famous bridges and beaches alike. Two brand new cars, which will cater to fans of both classic and modern sports cars also are a welcome addition which will come with this initial September update. For anyone wanting to play Horizon Chase on the big screen, an Apple TV version will drop on October 13th, with the same brilliant arcade gameplay and beautiful cel-shaded graphics. Even without these new additions, Horizon Chase is an absolutely essential racing game on the App Store, and considering it’s available to try for free right now it’s certainly not one to miss, especially with even more content updates on the horizon (pun not intended). Be sure to join in the Horizon Chase discussion on our forum thread.

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