‘One Night in Karazhan’, the Latest ‘Hearthstone’ Adventure, Is Available Now!

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After weeks of teasing, Hearthstone‘s (Free) latest Adventure, One Night in Karazhan, is now available! This Adventure gives Medivh’s tower, called Karazhan, a Disco feel, so expect to hear plenty of fun music and, in general, enjoy an upbeat Adventure. One Night in Karazhan comes in four wings plus a free Prologue that everyone gets to play, and today you can buy all four wings for $19.99 or just one wing for 700 gold or $6.99. If you want to buy the full Adventure, go to the Shop, tap on Adventure, and you’ll see Karazhan there. If you buy the full Adventure in the first week, you’ll get a fancy card back. The first encounter is the Prologue and at the end of it you’ll face Prince Malchezaar. The Parlor is the first actual Wing of the Adventure, and is also available right now.

I hope you enjoy the new Adventure, and even if you don’t plan on buying the whole thing, make sure you play the Prologue so you can have some fun and get free cards at the same time. We’ll have guides for you guys that will help you make it through the Adventure as painlessly as possible and get your hands on those sweet, new cards. If you want to check out One Night in Karazhan, go to the Solo Adventures tab and you’ll see it there. Enjoy!

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