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‘Kerflux’ is a Waveform Puzzle from the Developers of ‘Skeletomb’

Punk Labs, the fine folks behind Skeletomb (Free), are back at it with a new game called Kerflux set to release on Friday, August 12th. The concept is a bit tough to grab on to just by looking at t, but the idea is that you have to manipulate different waveforms in order to make the final wave match its prescribed pattern. So, you’ll be messing around with trying to match up wavelengths precisely. Or at least that’s what it looks like from here. If observing the game seems difficult, the 99 puzzles should be even harder to figure out:

The good news is that even if it’s baffling, there’s some cool music to enjoy, plus it’ll be free to download, with a “pay-what-you-want" in-app purchase system where you choose how much you think the game is worth if you decide to pay. I’ll be curious to see just how this one works out starting on August 12th.