‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ Finally Launches Worldwide, Out Now on the App Store

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To say Mobius Final Fantasy (Free) has been highly anticipated by fans of Square Enix, or simply RPGs in general, is perhaps an understatement. Ever since the title was announced back in 2014 (when it was known as Mevius Final Fantasy) it has been on our radar, and when we caught a glimpse of the game a few months later, the beautiful 3D graphics betrayed a level of depth that other mobile entries in the series hadn’t managed to reach. A Japan launch in June 2015 followed this initial reveal, and despite some chastening words from Shaun in our preview, it has still been a game which many on our forums have been eagerly anticipating. Thankfully, Mobius Final Fantasy has finally been released worldwide today, ending the excruciating nineteen month wait for a global launch.

In Mobius Final Fantasy, as well as the incredible attention to detail aesthetic-wise, Square Enix have touted a story written by Kazushige Nojima, who had an integral part in writing the narrative for Final Fantasy VII ($15.99) amongst other unforgettable entries in the series – hopefully the promise of a tale of an epic ‘Warrior of Light’ manages to be even half as good as his previous work. An interesting new RPG mechanic that separates it from its contemporary mobile peers – using cards to conjure up spells and summons – also could work out suiting the portable nature of the iOS platform well, and the traditional Final Fantasy ‘Job System’ unsurprisingly makes a return, which is always welcome. However, despite what its superlative visuals may suggest, Mobius Final Fantasy is still a free-to-play game, and this will mean timers, in-game currency and all the other tropes of a social RPG title, so don’t go into the app expecting something like the sadly departed Chaos Rings. That being said, Mobius Final Fantasy is out now for free, so give it a try, and be sure to share whether you believe it lives up to the hype on our forum thread.

Update: The game is now fully playable, despite earlier server issues and time zone confusion. Have fun with this newest entry in the Final Fantasy series!


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