The Lovely ‘Tsuro – The Game of the Path’ Just Got a Big Update and Is on Sale

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The digital port of the board game Tsuro ($3.99) was one of the prettiest board games on the App Store, offering a lovely, serene experience. I quite enjoyed it when I reviewed it, and the good thing is that the developers have continued to update it and make it even better. This latest update, which just released today, improves the multiplayer part of the game by adding Game Center support (not just Facebook) and automatched opponents. There’s also retroactive stat tracking for offline games – so all your old games will be included in your stats – a visually-enhanced Solo Mode, and the ability to record, edit, and share moves (but only the latest devices can do this).

In celebration of the update and of Gen Con, Tsuro is now 40% cheaper, which is definitely a steal for what you’re getting. If you like board games, don’t miss out on this one, especially if you have people to play local multiplayer with.

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