‘Clash of Kings’ Forum Hacked, Users Should Change Their Passwords

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Heads up for anyone playing Clash of Kings (Free) – if you participate on publisher ELEX’s forums, then you’re gonna want to change your password, as ZDNet is reporting that an anonymous hacker leaked over 1.6 million users’ data. Passwords are hashed and salted, but even Facebook access tokens were leaked, along with emails, so some sensitive data has gotten out. If you currently use or have used the forum, now is a good time to change your passwords. If you have any sites that use the same passwords, change those as well.

Now might be a good time to remind you that really, no password is that safe. It’s a great idea to use an app like 1Password (Free) to generate and track your passwords for you, and to use 2-factor authentication whenever possible. It’s cumbersome, but it’s better than getting hacked.

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