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‘Snow Horse’ is a Game About a Horse Riding a Snowboard

For far too long, humanity has had to deal with a severe deficiency of games involving snowboarding horses. But that deficiency will soon be corrected, as Chris Figueroa and Kinifi Games’ Snow Horse is set to hit iOS on July 28th. The game is pretty much what it says on the tin: you control a snowboarding horse. You plow forward, ever forward, grinding rails and pulling off all manner of tricks on multi-tiered levels, with surprises like the eponymous snowboarding horse crashing into a set of bowling pins. That’s right.

The game is very, very goofy, with plenty of ridiculous moments to be had. That, and ol’ Snow Horse has the physics system of a human when they crash, so it looks really goofy. Want some more info on the game? Catch this recap of the game being streamed at E3, and how apparently SNOWHORSE might have some play with the brony crowd, which makes total sense.