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‘Big Bang Racing’ is a Side-Scrolling Physics Racer with a Level Editor that’s Launching Worldwide July 28th

Way back in January of last year, developer Traplight Games announced their mobile game project, a side-scrolling physics racer called What On Earth! where its standout feature was a touchscreen-optimized level editor which would allow the entire game to be based around user-generated content. After beta testing the game for most of 2015, What On Earth! resurfaced in December with a brand new name, Big Bang Racing, and it soft-launched in a few territories. Now, with about half of 2016 behind us, all that work is finally about to pay off when Big Bang Racing launches worldwide on July 28th. Check out how slick the level creation process is in the following trailer.

In addition to simply racing through levels and competing in times with fellow gamers online, you’ll also be able to collect treasures in puzzle-like levels, upgrade your vehicles, and customize your drivers with a variety of hats. Customizable hats are one of the most important video game features of our generation. I’m excited to check out the cool level creation features in Big Bang Racing when it launches later this month, and in the meantime if you want to discuss this upcoming game head over to our forums.