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Murder Mystery Card Game Mashup ‘One Show Only’ Arrives on iOS and AndroidAugust 4th

Back in February we checked out an upcoming murder mystery adventure game with a card game component called One Show Only, and both the basic concept for the game and the art style was very interesting to us. In the time since then the game launched on Mac and PC, but today developer Tristan Dahl has announced that the iOS version is approved by Apple and slated for launch on August 4th. In One Show Only you’ll play as a detective investigating the alleged murder of a trapeze artist, and you’ll do this by interrogating various suspects by playing a card game against them to divulge new information, as you can see in the trailer below.

I always love a good murder mystery adventure game, and I’m curious to see how adding in the card game element will add to the experience in One Show Only. In addition to the iOS version landing on August 4th, the Android version will be arriving then too, which is nice for Android players as often releases are staggered between the two platforms. If you want to talk about One Show Only ahead of its release in a couple of weeks then head over to the game’s forum thread, otherwise look for the game on August 4th on Android and iOS at a price of $1.99.