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‘One Show Only’ is an Upcoming Murder Mystery Where the Clues are Discovered Through a Card Game

Being a trapeze artist is a dangerous job, that much should go without saying. At any moment you can mistime something and find yourself falling to your death. However, it also serves as a pretty good coverup for a murder plot. Who’s going to question whether a trapeze artist falling to her death was really an accident or if it was actually murder? The answer is “You are!" in the upcoming narrative detective game One Show Only from developer Tristan Dahl. That is a wicked dark title for the game, by the way. You’ll play as a detective investigating the death of the trapeze artist, and you’ll interrogate all the suspects (who are also circus folk) by playing a card game. Here’s a quick look at one of those interrogations taking place.


The official website describes One Show Only, “The interrogation takes place by playing a card game against the witnesses, where cards represent questions and your skill in playing those cards determines the answers you get. New questions can be unlocked by interrogating witnesses, bringing you closer to finding out the truth behind this murder." It sounds really interesting, and potentially very deep. I’m also digging the art style, and you can check out even more early artwork of characters in the game over on the website linked above, as well as on Tristan Dahl’s dev blog. One Show Only is planned for release on iOS, Android, PC and Mac sometime this summer.