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‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ North American and European Pre-Registration Goes Live

Mobius Final Fantasy popped up out of the blue a little more than a year ago on the Japanese App Store, and at the time we assumed it’d be like all of Squeenix’s other games and eventually makes its way to Western markets. Well, today we get confirmation of our obvious suspicions as Mobius Final Fantasy pre-registration goes live for both North America and Europe. I’m not super sure what the difference is between the two web sites, but if you’re excited for the game you might as well sign up for both of them so you can get in on any bonuses if the game launches early in either region.

If you’re curious what you do in Mobius Final Fantasy, it’s another social RPG that our own Shaun Musgrave extensively previewed when it first was released in Japan:

This game’s main pitch involves bringing in big console talent, something that has led to mixed results for other companies and their projects. Making a single-player, finite experience like Final Fantasy 13, meant to be played from a couch or comfortable chair on a nice television, requires an entirely different skill set and mindset from trying to put together what is likely a never-ending, mobile F2P game.

When you start the game, you can see the immediate influence of both of the big names. Kitase has a certain flair for setting up scenes, and although he’s not the director on this game, his fingerprints are all over it. Nojima is well-known for his world-building and somewhat convoluted stories, and you’ll see plenty of that early on in Mobius as well. Even while you’re fiddling around in menus between fights, there’s a portion of the top half of the screen dedicated to showing your character killing time in his location. It kind of reminds me of a pachinko machine. I suppose that’s somewhat appropriate. …Read More

If you’re not into these early sign up things, that’s cool too, just keep your eyes peeled on TouchArcade and we’ll post when it’s out and available to download. In the meantime, we’ve got a thread for the game in our forums, as well as a thread started by the developers for the NA/EU launch not long ago.