‘DomiNations’ Adds “Great Leaders’ via a New University Building

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DomiNations (Free) is yet another super popular free to play game I wish I had time to play. We’ve talked about this quite a bit on episodes of our podcast in that once you get deep into “one of these," you really just don’t have time to get into other ones. I’ve sunk so much time into Clash of Clans (Free) over the years that I really just don’t have it in me to do it all over again in DomiNations. I’ve heard similar sentiments from people who are really into Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free) when it comes to Marvel: Contest of Champions (Free), and other similar games as well. Anyway, DomiNations recently got a pretty big update that introduces what they’re calling “Great Leaders." It sounds a lot like how you can utilize the strengths of actual historical figures in the Civilization games to expand your tech tree, which is done in DomiNations via the new university building.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

Thankfully, there’s absolutely no shortage of YouTubers to explain how this all works out in the game:

It’s hard to really follow the rapid-fire update schedule of games like this, but I’ve seen a bunch of people talking about this particular update. Maybe if I get bored enough this weekend I’ll see how deep into DomiNations I can get… But, do I really need another free to play base builder in my life? Maybe.

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