‘Batman: Arkham Underworld’, a … Criminal Lair Builder, Hits the App Store

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A new Batman game hit the App Store this morning, titled Batman: Arkham Underworld (Free), and it’s … actually surprisingly cool. When we originally heard about it back in March (of 2015), the original pitch made it sound a lot like Batman meets Clash of Clans (Free). In actuality, it’s more like Batman meets Evil Genius (Free) with a sprinkle of Dungeon Keeper (Free) and a slightly detectable hint of Breach & Clear (Free).

Take a look at this gameplay video, and you’ll see what I mean:

If nothing else, it’s pretty cool seeing Warner Brothers take a Batman game in a slightly different direction instead of just endlessly pumping out the (remarkably popular) swipe-based fighting games that have dominated the charts for years now. I suspect this game won’t do quite as well as one of those, but that’s always the risk you run when you do something a little outside the box. Heck, it’s even got an Apple Watch component.

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