‘Angry Birds 2’ Gets First ‘BirdDay’ Update with 80 New Levels and a Ring of Fire

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Angry Birds 2 (Free) is set to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its release – or its first BirdDay as Rovio’s calling it – and as such, the studio is releasing a new update for the game, featuring a bunch of new features. The big one to care about is quite obvious: hats. Who doesn’t love hats? Birds wearing hats? Who woulda thunk it? But there’s also 80 new levels to play through, many of which containing the aprropriate birthday theme. Launch into some cake! A new ring of fire feature will help you burn those pigs, because what doesn’t go better with bacon?

Along with all that, there’s new avatars, new daily quests, and a contest where you can win plush toys of the latest character, Silver. The game’s been updated a ton since launch – over 680 new levels! – but it’s always worth revisiting Eli’s review of the game about which everyone had a totally calm and rational reaction. The game’s gotten over 100 million downloads so far, and it’s hanging around the top 100 grossing ranks, so while it’s not a mega smash hit, it’s doing alright (not to mention that grossing ranks and revenue estimates often don’t include ad revenue), and could keep on smashing pigs for years to come.

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