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Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Guild of Dungeoneering’ Is Coming to Mobile July 21st

Guild of Dungeoneering looked intriguing the first time we saw it at PAX South, and it’s finally about to come to mobile. If you haven’t read our earlier story on the game, Guild of Dungeoneering is a turn-based dungeon crawler where instead of controlling your hero, you get to build the dungeon around him. In order to do so, you use cards from your Guild decks and you get to lay rooms, monsters, traps, and place plenty of loot for that poor, unfortunate soul. The cards you play include dungeon tiles, which build the dungeon around your hero, monsters, which your hero will have to face, and more. While you start the game with a Chump, a pretty basic hero, you’ll gradually get to play with more powerful heroes such as Rangers, Barbarians, and, apparently, even the mighty Mathematician.

In addition to having pretty smart gameplay mechanics, the game also has a very fun art style that will offer a lot to the experience. The cards look good and the animation even better. The game will give you plenty to do outside dungeoneering, for instance managing your Guild in order to gain access to more heroes and more cards. I’m excited to check this one out, and if you like card games and dungeon crawling, you should be too. Guild of Dungeoneering was supposed to come out July 14th, but we’ll have to wait until July 21st.