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‘Guild of Dungeoneering’ Gets Charming New Trailer

One of the cooler games I saw at PAX South was Guild of Dungeoneering, a dungeon-crawler where you built the dungeon by laying down cards tolay down enemies and items. While I got some video of it at PAX South, the folks at developer Gambrinous and publisher Versus Evil have just released a new trailer for the game, as it hits Steam later this year.

The game will hit desktop first, but an iPad version is planned down the road as well, and given the sketch-based nature of the game, there’s nothing really stopping it from being something that works on mobile, in theory. It’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out in the long run – the game seemed to go at a slow pace back in January, but plenty of changes could be made before the final version drops. The concept is super cool and the art style is charming, so it’ll be interesting to see this one as it finally hits iPad later this year.