Crazy Cover-Based Third-Person Shooter ‘Gun Glory: Anarchy’ Hits the App Store

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In early June, we scoped out a wacky trailer for an upcoming third-person shooter from Flange Studio called Gun Glory: Anarchy (Free), and today the game has just gone live in the App Store. So what made the trailer so wacky? Two words: Bunny hats. Gun Glory goes beyond the tired modern military motif and features some more fantastical elements in terms of weaponry and, yes, even character outfits. It’s this over-the-top element of Gun Glory that is really appealing to someone like me who has had his fill of the same old same old in shooters.

After making my way through the (somewhat lengthy) hand-holding of the tutorial portion of Gun Glory, some positive things have stuck out to me. As mentioned, the weapons are awesome, even in the early going and each have a special ultimate attack that’s really satisfying to use. I’m also a fan of how short the missions are which feel perfect for a mobile game. Along those same lines, Gun Glory is more or less a guided, “on-rails" kind of game as you’ll move automatically from location to location but you do have some free movement ability in terms of taking and switching cover positions.

As for the negative points? Well, Gun Glory is a free to play game, which is fine, but it’s one of those super confusing ones with so much stuff to upgrade and keep track of, as well as multiple types of in-game currencies and that sort of thing. It might be fine in the long run, but it’s overwhelming as heck when you first start playing and just want to start shooting bad guys. I’m hoping that the more I play the more I get a hang of how everything works, and I haven’t even gotten to the point where I unlock additional squad mates, which will be yet another thing to learn how to manage.

At any rate, I love the style of Gun Glory and I love the way it plays. It’s definitely a lot of fun so far. It remains to be seen how the somewhat convoluted upgrading and free to play system shakes out, but for now if you like the look of Gun Glory and enjoy mobile shooters it’s definitely worth checking out for free, and be sure to drop your impressions of the game in our forums. Oh, and if you’re on Android, you too can check out Gun Glory on the Google Play Store.

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