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‘Tap Hero’ Gets First Trailer and is On the Cusp of Submission to Apple

Late last month we checked out some sweet animated .gifs for the upcoming arcade tapper Tap Hero, which was seeking some beta participants at that time. Tap Hero has you defending either side of your character by smashing enemies with a large weapon as they approach from both sides of the screen. From the wonderfully detailed pixel art to the smooth animations, Tap Hero was quite the looker, and today the developer has released the first trailer for the game so we can finally see it in action. Er, non-animated .gif action, that is.

Despite it sounding like an ultra-simplistic game, there’s something about Tap Hero that really has my attention. It doesn’t hurt that everyone who has been beta testing the game in our forums has had nothing but nice things to say about it, either. Along with this new video the developer has announced that Tap Hero is just about finished and they expect to be submitting it to Apple within a few days, so hopefully it won’t be long until we’re getting finger cramps smashing away at bad guys in this one.