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Square Enix Montreal Reimagines ‘Pokemon GO’ as Part of its ‘GO’ Mobile Games

Let’s say you are a mobile gamer who hasn’t been keeping up with gaming news over the last few months, and then you suddenly hear about the upcoming Pokemon GO game. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you thought that somehow, Square Enix managed to get the Pokemon license and turn it into one of its GO mobile games such as Lara Croft GO ($4.99) and Hitman GO ($4.99). Of course, the Pokemon GO game has nothing to do with Square Enix nor with the GO franchise, but that didn’t stop Square Enix Montreal from poking a bit of fun at the Pokemon game in a tweet today.

The tweet lists Enix’s three GO games – two that are released and one upcoming – with a check mark next to them and then Pokemon GO with a rather puzzled emoji next to it. And to top that off, there’s a 13 second video that shows Ash capturing Pikachu in a Hitman GO-style gameplay. Clever move by Square Enix Montreal to poke a bit of fun at how similar the name Pokemon GO is to its own mobile games while at the same time showing off its innovative take on how to successfully port a game to mobile. And by the way, In case you’ve missed the news, Pokemon GO has launched in New Zealand, so jump here if you want to learn how you can check it out.