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‘Galactic Echoes’ is a Logic Puzzle Game with a Sci-Fi Story, Launching Worldwide Soon

Developer Ikoniac has announced that their sci-fi puzzler Galactic Echoes has entered a soft-launch in limited territories, and that they expect their full global launch to happen in the next month. Galactic Heroes is a puzzle game, but one with a surprisingly robust story tying all that puzzling together. In fact, Ikoniac states that “The story takes the players beyond our own galaxy and questions the future of mankind. This depth of story has never been seen in the puzzle game genre before." That remains to be seen, but Galactic Echoes does look pretty awesome based on the trailer.

As mentioned, Galactic Echoes is in a limited soft-launch and if you have an Android device and you’re in the Netherlands, Finland, or Saudi Arabia you can grab the game with this link. If you’re on Android and in Pakistan or the Philippines, you can grab the game with this link. iOS users can get in on the soft-launch action soon too in Finland, Netherlands, South Africa, Pakistan and Philippines, or you can just hang out and wait for the worldwide launch, which Ikoniac hopes will be in the next month or so.