‘Taichi Panda’ Developer has Released a New Action MMO Called ‘Kingdom Warriors’

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If you’re looking for visually-impressive fast-action MMOs to play on your iOS device, you don’t have to look much further than Snail Games, the developer of Age of Wushu Dynasty (Free) and Taichi Panda: Heroes (Free). If you enjoy games such as those two, you’ll probably want to give Kingdom Warriors (Free) a try. This just-released action MMO takes players to the Three Kingdoms era and has them fighting to defeat the rising chaos (I know, very original story). The game offers 40 plus heroes to collect and command, and you have AI-controlled lieutenants to help you in your fights. In typical RPG fashion, you’ll collect and upgrade items and customize your equipment as you level up.

Kingdom Warriors

While games like Kingdom Warriors aren’t the most original in terms of mechanics, they do offer plenty of action for those who enjoy bashing everything in sight. And if nothing else, Snail’s games look visually spectacular, with great animation and fun combos. The game is out now and is F2P, so check it out if you’ve been looking for another action MMO to play.

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