The Lumberjack and The Log are the New ‘Clash Royale’ Legendaries Revealed in Sneak Peek #3

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Supercell continues to spoil parts of the Clash Royale (Free) upcoming update, and this time around we got to see two new Legendaries coming to the game. The Log is a Legendary spell unlocked at Arena 6, and it will cost you 2 elixir to cast. When you cast the Log, you’ll see, well, a log roll down the lane, damaging any units in the way. As the video points, this is the first 2-cost card that can take out a Princess, so it will be a very useful counter. And if nothing else, it’s fun seeing that log run over everything in its path. The second Legendary card revealed in this sneak peek is the Lumberjack, a unit unlocked at Arena 8 and with a 4-Elixir cost. What is very interesting about this card is that after the Lumberjack perishes, he “spills" a Rage spell that continues to damage your opponent’s units or buildings.

Just like Ice Spirit, which was revealed the other day, Lumberjack is a two-in-one since you get a unit and a spell at the same time. I like this trend of having spells associated with units, and I hope the developers continue down this path. The only issue I have with the reveals so far is I want to see new cards for lower Arenas as well because there are a lot of players who don’t make it to (or don’t stay at) Arena 6 or 8 that easily. It’s good to freshen up the game for those who play the game a lot, but casuals shouldn’t be left out. What do you think of these two Legendaries?

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