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‘The Sandbox : Evolution’ Latest Trailer Makes you Feel Creative, Game Launching June 23rd

If you enjoy having the power to create worlds on your mobile device, you can’t go wrong with PixOwl’s upcoming The Sandbox : Evolution. The game, which is the sequel to the very entertaining The Sandbox (Free), goes bigger and better in all aspects of gameplay. As you can see from the trailer below, the game offers the ability to create your own worlds by utilizing weather systems, electricity, and much more. In addition to the sandbox aspect,, the game also lets you create pixel art masterpieces (art talent not included), offers the ability to create, play, and share game levels, and more.

When we saw the game at GDC 2016, we got to see how creating and playing levels works and how the developers plan to offer players tons of user-created content. Our forum users have been keeping a close eye on The Sandbox: Evolution, so I expect to see plenty of them getting creative. The original game got great post-release support as well with tons of new features added in the years since it released, and I expect the same for The Sandbox: Evolution. The game launches June 23rd for iOS and Android, so get ready to flex those dormant creative muscles.