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‘Critical Ops’ FPS Soft Launch Expands to Canada

Here is good news for those of y’all who have been curious about Critical Ops but haven’t wanted to nab an iTunes account in the few odd regions where the game was available. The first-person shooter has just been released in Canada along with a 5.2.2 update that tweaks the game balance. But this now means that if you’ve got a Canadian iTunes account – either by being Canadian or using our guide to register one – you can nab the game with ease.

If you’re curious as to what it is, this is a first-person shooter that’s very similar to Counter-Strike from the developers of Critical Missions ($2.99). It’s a fun game, I’ve been playing it on our Mobcrush channel often. Oh, and the only monetization is for optional skins. The game has been out in various forms on Facebook and Android (with optional cross-platform multiplayer), though iOS is still in soft launch. The game has been kinda janky at various points, but the last couple of months have seen some huge improvements to the interface with new modes and maps added in. This could easily be a game that grows even as the game hits worldwide whenever it’s ready, but there’s still a bit to wait for that on iOS.

Canadian iTunes Link: [Critical Ops]