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‘Voi’ is the New Minimalist Puzzler from the Developer of ‘Hocus’

The creator of Rop ($0.99) and Hocus ($0.99) has another stylish, monochrome puzzle game in the works. Voi is a take on tangram puzzlers, where you must move blocks around grids in order to get them to match the given sape. But where Voi mixes things up is that each shape you place reverses the color of anything it’s placed over. So, you have to solve puzzles using negative space to form the proper shapes.

Voi Screenshot

Developer Yunus Ayyildiz is developing a knack for making these sorts of games – stylish, minimalist, and clever. If you enjoyed his previous titles, Voi will be more of what you’ve come to love, and it’s set to release on June 15th.