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Strategy Game ‘Pirates War: The Dice King’ Is Recruiting Forum Members for Its Upcoming Closed Beta

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the upcoming Pirates War: The Dice King is it’s whimsical, colorful art, but I think the game has plenty to offer besides good looks. The developers describe the game as a strategy game first and foremost that’s plays like a Pirate-laden mix of Monopoly and Hearthstone. The game hopes to take the best aspects of property trading games like Monopoly and add the deck building and card battles of CCGs such as Hearthstone with the sole purpose of making Pirates War a dynamic experience that, hopefully, gets rid of the boring parts of Monopoly. I could explain the rules, but I think the gameplay trailer below does a good job explaining.

The game will come with 3 main game modes: a single player campaign, a multiplayer mode with random matchmaking, and a Friends Mode where you can play with Facebook friends. If this game is getting your pirate juices flowing, you can now try and get into the closed beta on the game’s forum thread. The beta will be pretty short – running from July 8th to July 18th – with the game releasing later this summer on iOS and Android.