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‘Dofus Touch’ Based on Long-Running MMORPG Soft Launches in Canada

Long-running French turn-based-strategy-inspired MMORPG Dofus is on its way to mobile as Dofus Touch. While this is separate from the main Dofus game on desktop, this is meant to be an adaptation for mobile. That means that the interface has been built for tablets, and the game will be on par with the 2.14 update of Dofus content-wise. Players will have to create new characters for Dofus Touch, and the game will eschew a subscription model for a more traditional mobile free-to-play business model, though Apple did just announce subscriptions for games.

The franchise has been around since 2004 in both its original quasi-turn-based MMORPG form, with any number of spinoffs. Mobile spinoffs such as Dofus: Battles ($0.99) have released, and spinoff franchise Wakfu had a mobile game by Gumi called Wakfu Raiders that is actually being shut down this month. So we’ll just how Dofus Touch can fare on mobile as a tablet-only app, though its gorgeous art, intriguing premise, and long history give it a curiosity factor that might just make it worth checking out in soft launch. Check out our forum thread for the game, and our guide on how to download soft launch games.

Canadian iTunes Link: Dofus Touch