Retro-Style CRPG ‘Dungeons of Chaos’ Gets Rebuilt in Unity and Re-released with Universal Support

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Back in December of 2014, a heavily old-school-inspired CRPG named Dungeons of Chaos was released for the iPad. A passion project from solo developer Volker Elzner, Dungeons of Chaos was meant to replicate the experience of classic computer RPGs from the ’80s like Ultima and Wizardry, and for the most part he succeeded with that. However, one big negative with the original Dungeons of Chaos was that it was built in its own engine so wasn’t quite as platform-flexible, and being an iPad-only game it left a lot of iPhone players out in the cold. Well, since that original release, Elzner has taken to completely rewriting the game for the much more flexible Unity Engine, and the results of that effort Dungeons and Chaos Unity Edition ($5.99), which launched over the weekend.

Elzner himself describes Dungeons of Chaos as “an homage to old-school single player RPGs, with 6 character party creation, tile-based turn-based exploration and tactical combat arenas with area effects. 20-50h of gameplay including fixed plots, side quests as well as randomised (rogue like) locations. Intricate item property creation (5m+ combinations), spells, skills, character classes and guild/class advancement … everything a good RPG should have." Despite having no sound, the following trailer should give you an idea what you’re in for with this one.

Being that the game is now in Unity, it has Universal support for iPhones and can scale to all the various types of screen sizes that are out there now. Shaun quite enjoyed the original release in his review from 2014, but even more so after a major update was released that completed the story and added tons of new stuff. While this re-release is a completely new app that must be purchased again, the original release actually didn’t make any money anyway so I’m just happy that he decided to continue with the project and create an even greater version of the original at all. If you like these types of games, and especially if you missed it the first time around, check out the new Dungeons of Chaos Unity Edition and check out what people are saying about it in our forums.

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