Retro-Style iPad RPG ‘Dungeons Of Chaos’ Gets A Big Update

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If you’re into classic computer RPGs like the Ultima series, then 2015 has been pretty kind to you. One of the handful of interesting retro-style RPGs that popped up earlier this year, Dungeons Of Chaos ($1.99) offers a decidedly vintage non-linear feel with a lot of depth to it. I enjoyed it well enough in my review of the game, but worried about whether we’d see the story of the game finished due to its open-ended chapter-based structure. Luckily, the developer has been pretty dedicated to to the game since its release, updating a few times to fix and re-balance a couple of things, and the latest update finally brings the story to a close.

This free update adds the second chapter to the game, bringing a ton of extra content with it. There are new monsters, dungeons, and quests, including some areas that are infinitely replayable if you’re interested in challenging them. You’ll also finally gain access to advanced classes, something that was set up in the first game, but didn’t quite make it in before the close of the first chapter. Importantly, this update brings the main story to a close, ensuring that if nothing else is added, we’ve at least got a complete adventure here. On the UI front, there are now scrollable mini-maps, a small addition that makes a big difference.

Dungeons Of Chaos definitely has a particular type of gamer in mind, and if you’re not sure you’re that type, you can check out the Lite version (Free) of the game. If you’re extra-special lucky, however, you might be able to nab a code for the full game by watching the @RPGReload Twitter account during the course of the day. I’ll be giving away 15 codes in total courtesy of the developer, so keep your eyes peeled, adventurers!

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